​A Best Friend, An Angel for Life...

Hello, my name is Chain Gang Charlie, so named because I spent the first 7 years of my life at the end of a chain, ultimately with a prong collar embedded in my neck. As you can imagine, I have endured a very hard life. As spaniel lovers will know, the Cocker is simply not a breed that can live perpetually in the elements. Constitutionally, we are not built to survive harsh winters with little shelter or intensely hot summers with no means of escaping the heat. How I survived such extremes is really hard to say ... although at times my faith wavered, everyday I hoped that someone would come to my aid. Then one day my prayers were answered. My "owner" decided that I was simply "too much trouble" and gave me to a neighbor, who contacted rescue. Of course they came to get me right away. I am learning now what it means to be an indoor dog and a much loved pet, something that I imagine many animals take for granted. My prong collar has at long last been removed and my neck is healing. I have been professionally groomed for the first time in my life, neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworm, and even microchipped. I have a comfy bed to sleep on now (inside!!) and have fallen into a "housebreaking" routine. Rescue marvels at my gentle demeanor and wonders how a dog who has suffered such neglect could retain such a good temperament. I can only say that I always believed in the goodness of mankind. Although I look older than my 7 years (and who wouldn't) I am still a handsome boy who is looking forward, not back, and believes that good things lie in store. If you would like to take me home on either a foster or an adoptive basis, please email rescue@nyabandonedangels.com or click here to complete and return an on-line application. I am waiting to hear from you ... Love, Charlie XXOO




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