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Top 5 Reasons To
Adopt A Senior Dog

Several years ago, officially named November “Adopt a Senior Pet Month” in an effort to raise awareness for older pets around the globe. A countless number of senior dogs are dumped at animal shelters every single day, most with medical problems that haven’t been addressed for years. When shelter officials ask why they are abandoning their dog, many owners simply say “because they’re old.” With no safe place to rest during their golden years, the epidemic is truly heartbreaking, to say the least.

“Senior dogs are loyal, loving, and so grateful to have a home,” said Dolores Rodrigues, founder of Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue. “I have a very special place in my heart for seniors. I’ve never met one that I didn’t love.”

In fact, there are many benefits of adopting a senior dog that are often overlooked.

“Think of a pet that is already trained and doesn’t chew or scratch everything in sight — a pet who will love you unconditionally,” said Kim Saunders,’s Vice President of Shelter Outreach and Public Relations. “That’s what you get when you adopt a senior pet.”

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS you should consider opening your heart and home to a senior dog:

  1. Seniors are mellow. Unlike their puppy counterparts, senior dogs are perfectly happy relaxing on the sofa with their owners. They are less active, in general, and will not require as much exercise as a growing pup. They are also cuddle bugs and will love sleeping their days away by your side.

  2. Seniors are well-mannered. More often than not, older dogs have had some training. They may already know “sit,” “stay,” and “shake.” Plus, there’s a good chance that they’re housebroken. Seniors are also less destructive than younger dogs so they won’t chew up your sofa or shoes.

  3. Seniors are hopelessly devoted – to you! Older dogs have been around the block, so they know a good home when they find one. They will love you unconditionally and reward you with everlasting affection.

  4. Seniors are great for your body, mind, and spirit. Research shows that owning a dog can improve your health in more ways than one.  Older dogs, in particular, make wonderful companions for senior citizens.

  5. Seniors desperately need rescue. Senior dogs are less likely to be adopted in animal shelters and, therefore, most likely to be euthanized.


Please consider adopting a senior pet. You won’t regret it! But, don’t take my word for it. Check out the ASPCA’s Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog. (That’s 5 more reasons)!

For more information about any of the senior Cocker Spaniels currently available for adoption through Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, please email or submit an application to foster or adopt here.

This blog post was originally published on Furry Wiggle Butts here.

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