​A Best Friend, An Angel for Life...


Hello, my name is Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge ... named in honor of a certain Royal Baby recently born in London, England. You can call me "HRH" (short for His Royal Highness, of course) or you can call me just plain George, I will answer to either one. Here you will see a photo of me, a handsome purebred black Cocker Spaniel (with a hint of white on my chest), just three years old. I am also posting a photo of my famous friend Lupo, a fellow black Cocker Spaniel shown here in the arms of his famous dad, Prince William. I hope that Lupo is faring okay, up until now I have not heard anything. You see, when a human baby comes into a dog's life, things need to be handled sensitively. In all the excitement, we canine princes can feel rather left out of it all and, in the most tragic of cases, we can even lose our homes altogether. Sadly, that's just what happened to me. I grew to love the child who came into my life but, one day, when I was fast asleep, he came and pushed me off my bed. I was extremely startled and, still half asleep, I bit his finger without thinking. Of course I was blamed for these events entirely, and while I am extremely sorry for my mistake, I do not feel that the accountability should be mine. After all, sensible parents educate their children about how to handle the family dog, and a child should not be allowed to send the family pet tumbling. I think that William and Kate are smart enough to know this (they seem like real animal people), so I believe that Lupo will be alright. Unfortunately for me, I ended up dumped in an urban kill pound, and while on a 10 day hold I contracted a severe kennel cough. Hardly the Royal Treatment, there was not a footman to be found!! For a day or two I found myself on the euthanasia list, but rescue placement was thankfully found for me, so I am getting a second chance. Bad things happen sometimes to good people (and to good dogs too), so I am hoping you will not hold my history against me. I am not a bad dog, I just need a stable home, preferably with prior Cocker experience, in which to start again. I am otherwise a healthy boy who has been neutered, microchipped, is current on all shots and has tested negative for heartworm. I will be professionally groomed before adoption and will go home with a new leash and collar. If you would like to adopt or foster me, please email rescue@nyabandonedangels.com or click here to complete and return an on-line application. I can be yours today by Royal Decree and am sure to become the King of your Castle.



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