​A Best Friend, An Angel for Life...




UPDATE: Gigi is thriving in foster care with a family in Enfield, CT! Her ringworm has been eradicated, her mammary tumors removed, her dental needs addressed, and her ear infections treated. Most recently she had a growth removed from her foot and is now again running with the pack. Gigi has absolutely no aggression and will make an excellent family dog for someone having a soft spot for seniors.


In rescue we see some very sad things, most recently it is Gigi. Gigi's beauty is more than skin deep, for she is currently covered in ringworm. Gigi was brought to Animal Care and Control of NYC at age 13 in completely horrible condition, described by her owners as a "lazy old dog" who apparently deserved no care. She has never been spayed, has mammary tumors, is infested with ringworm, and has really quite serious dental disease. This is no way to keep a Cocker Spaniel or any other living thing, whether lazy, energetic or otherwise. The neglect this dog sustained at the hands of "family" is nothing short of grotesque. Gigi is currently in quarantine at a vet in Pennsylvania, where her ringworm is being eradicated. She will then be spayed, the tumors will be removed, and she will also receive a dental. She will require full bloodwork before surgery and also a post-operative biopsy to assess whether these tumors are malignant or benign. We are hoping for the best for her. In the meantime, Gigi has been fully vaccinated, tested for heartworm, and also microchipped. Once she has recovered from all of her ailments, we will be seeking a foster or adoptive home for her where Gigi can be cared for to the standard she deserves. If you would like to adopt or foster Gigi, please click here to submit an online application or email rescue@nyabandonedangels.com to request one. Gigi needs to know that the neglect stops here.
















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