​A Best Friend, An Angel for Life...





Some things defy Logic ... like my story, for example! Hi, my name is Logic. I am an adorable Spaniel/Terrier cross just 4 years old. I was recently rescued from Animal Care and Control of NYC, where I found myself on the euthanasia list. Now, is that Logical? I am a young healthy dog and a very good boy, surely I did not deserve to have my life cut brutally short. The truth is that I bit a police officer who had picked me up as a stray. Admittedly it was not a brilliant move on my part, but I plead the fifth ... after all, who is not intimidated by the Boys in Blue? He was armed with a gun and bully stick and I got very scared as he was pulling me from the squad car. I guess I had watched too many episodes of "Law and Order" for my own good.  Anyway, the policeman did not hold the bite against me, but sadly the shelter staff would not put me on the adoption floor and I was slated to be put down. Thankfully, rescue sided with the officer and felt I deserved a second chance. As everyone's expectations of me are very high, I am working hard to meet them. My behavior since arriving here has been impeccable. I have been gentle with everyone, including some cats (we've been nose to nose and have become great friends). I think I must have lived with cats before, but who remembers ... after this whole ordeal, things are hazy. I can otherwise tell you that I am a healthy dog who has been neutered, microchipped, is current on all shots and has tested negative for heartworm. I will be professionally groomed before adoption and will go home with a new leash and collar. If you would like to take me home, please email rescue@nyabandonedangels.com or click here to complete and return an on-line application. Let's put some Logic back into my life ... enough with all the chaos already.




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