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Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue's Secret Santa program is an easy, festive way to help our Angels in need and support the vital AACSR campaigns that matter the most to you. Simply select an animal you'd like to help, choose your gift amount, and join us in making 2017 a brighter year for Angels in need. It's a simple and fun way to celebrate the holidays while supporting AACSR's important rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming work.

Become an AACSR Secret Santa and donate more than $50 today, and we'll send you a complimentary copy of our 2017 AACSR calendar for you to enjoy throughout the year.


Twelve-year-old Max came to our rescue with an ulcerated lump on his forehead and side as well as chronic ear infections, all of which need to be addressed with our vet. Because he's a senior, he needs full bloodwork and a  professional dental cleaning. The total cost of his vet care will be approximately $1,200.

Kelly recently had a tumor removed from his ear and biopsied. It was malignant with clean margins. The oncologist recommends ear ablation surgery for that ear to prevent the tumor from returning. The cost of this surgery is approximately $2,500.



Breeze came to us with severe skin disease. He requires ongoing maintenance with a dermatologist and allergy testing. We are currently waiting on the results of his recent skin culture. His total vet care cost is approximately $1,200.


Buddy recently had a CT scan done. Doctors have determined that he needs dual TECA (total ear canal ablation) surgery which they hope will fix his head tilt. The total cost of this surgery is $3,750 with our rescue discount.


Sasha recently had full blood work completed. She still needs to be spayed. Unfortunately, Sasha has severe dental disease and the majority of her teeth need to be extracted. The total cost of the medical care she still needs is approximately $1,200.

One of our sweetest Angels, blind Eddie's ears are in horrible condition due to severe neglect. He needs dual TECA (total ear canal ablation) surgery which costs $3,750 with our rescue discount.



Coco recently had a 6-pound fatty lipoma removed from his side, a profesional dental cleaning, and was neutered. He also had an injection to his eye to stop the presssure from glaucoma. Coco still needs dual TECA (total ear canal ablation) surgery. His remaining medical cost is $3,750.


Eight-year-old Max needs to be neutered. Because he is a senior, he also needs full blood work done and a professional dental cleaning with IV fluids. The total cost of his vet care is approximately $700.


Sweet Winston requires follow up care for Cushing's Disease and needs to see a dermatologist. Winston is in permanent foster care with AACSR. His medication costs $200 every month and his vet visits with testing will cost approximately $1,200.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

2017 Calendars Now On Sale!

The 2017 Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue wall calendar features a stunning cover (of Mhysa) photographed by the talented Frankie F. Olaya and interior pages beautifully designed by the graphic artist wizards at Impeckable Creations. Each month features an adorable Cocker Spaniel (or honorary Cocker) and includes important pet-related holidays for you to enjoy all year long. All calendar donations will help pay for the veterinary care of the dogs currently in our rescue, plus the countless others who will pass through our doors in the future.

Find the perfect gift for you, your pooch, or your favorite animal lover now in our Holiday Facebook auction now thru Wednesday, 12/14.

Our Holiday Auction Is Now Live!

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