​A Best Friend, An Angel for Life...

Sponsor an Angel

Thank you so much for your interest in our Sponsor An Angel program!

The average cost for our rescue to take in a dog is $300. This includes vaccines, a heartworm test, and spaying/neutering surgeries. This amount does not cover any costs related to medical or dental care that must be administered. Many of our senior dogs remain in long-term foster homes and require daily medication which can cost us up to $200 per month, per dog. Since our required adoption donation for an adult dog is $300 and $250 for a senior dog, we are always in the red.

Learn more about how our Sponsor an Angel program works below, or just skip to the form HERE.



How much does it cost to Sponsor An Angel?


There is absolutely no minimum or time limit required. You may choose to make a one-time donation or a recurring donation each month; the decision is yours. All donations are tax-deductible and donations of any size are greatly accepted and appreciated!

Some of our sample costs include:

Heartworm medication $10/month

Flea control $10/month

Microchip $10 per dog

Dental $300-600 per visit

Glaucoma medication $150/month

Dry eye medication $40/month

Ear infection medication $15-25/month

Ear cleaner $40 per gallon

Boarding (for recent rescues with kennel cough) $90/week

Who can Sponsor An Angel?


Anybody! We welcome children, adults, families, school classes, businesses, and social or civic clubs to sponsor Angels! Angel sponsorships also making wonderful gifts for weddings, showers, graduations, births, and memorials. If you would like to Sponsor an Angel for a personal event, please drop us a line at rescue@nyabandonedangels.com to inquire about special gift certificates for your recipients.


For how long will my sponsorship last?


There is no time limit. You may choose to sponsor for as little or as long as you like!


May I choose a specific dog that I wish to sponsor?


Yes! We actually encourage that you choose the dog. Our dogs change often, so be sure to visit our website or our Facebook page so you see all of our Angels. Keep in mind that our senior Angels are the dogs that need the most care, so we recommend you choose an Angel age 10 or older to sponsor.


How exactly does sponsorship work?


​It's simple!

1. First, choose the Angel you wish to sponsor from the photos on our Dogs for Adoption page. Again, we recommend senior dogs for sponsorship because they require the most care.

2. Complete and submit the Sponsor An Angel form which is your commitment to your Angel!

3. Choose your method of payment:

    PayPal- Send a donation as a "gift" to donation@nyabandonedangels.com, or visit our Donation page.

    U.S. Mail- Mail your check or money order to us. Please do not send cash.

    Your bank account- Set up a payment to us through your personal bank's website.

What do I get out of sponsorship?


We will send you a 4"x6" photograph of your Angel and your name will go up on our Sponsor Donor page (coming soon)!


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