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20 Years of Love ❤️

AACSR is proud to announce that it is celebrating a milestone anniversary! For 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the rescue of Cocker Spaniels and small breed dogs. For 20 years we have worked tirelessly to rescue and change dogs’ lives so that the rest of their lives can be the best of their lives! 


We are very proud to have made it to such an incredible milestone and we thank all of our volunteers and supporters for their tireless devotion - only through your kindness, have we been able to create a legacy of leaving paw prints on hearts all over. 


Please Help Us Continue To Help Them.


Pictured above are some of the dogs that we've rescued this year alone, 15 of which are waiting for important medical procedures. We are calling out to our supporters everywhere. If you have fostered, adopted or loved any of our dogs from near or far, please consider donating $20.00. That’s $1.00 for each year of our good work.

You can also make a donation via Venmo (username: @abandoned-angels) or mail a check to:


Abandoned Angels

PO BOX 545426

Flushing, NY 11354


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

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