​A Best Friend, An Angel for Life...

Dedicated in Loving Memory of Rudy

08-06-94 to 11-15-04

Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue is dedicated to Rudy.
He was my first Cocker Spaniel and because of my adoration for him,
seven other precious Cocker Spaniels have joined our family.
Rudy was the start of it all, the reason I love this breed so much and always will.
The unconditional love he shared with me during his tens years of life will always be
within my heart.
They say a dog is man’s best friend, and Rudy was mine.
Through all the journeys in my life during the ten years we shared,
whether it was happy or sad, Rudy always remained by my side and never strayed.
He always greeted me with a wagging tail and kisses upon my face.
His love was immeasurable, his devotion boundless.
I thank god for enriching my life with such a smart, intuitive, special loving boy;
My Rudy.
Rudy is the reason I became involved in Cocker Spaniel rescue which led me
to establish Abandoned Angels.
I hope by rescuing these precious loving angels and finding them a safe,
loving forever home, they & their new families can be blessed with the same love & happiness that Rudy and I have shared.
Abandoned Angels is Rudy’s legacy,
he will always live on in spirit, in the lives of those he touched and in the lives of the
precious angels we have rescued and those who we will rescue in the future,
all for my love of Rudy.
I always said Rudy is my heart and that he is…….always and forever ……
I will love you Rudy

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