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Thank you for your interest in adopting an Angel. Before you submit an application, please be sure to read the FAQs and answers below.

Are you a first time dog owner? If so, we highly recommend that you read the following articles from our friends at the ASPCA:

"Preparing Your Home for Your New Pet"

"People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets"

How much is the adoption fee?


Puppies up to 1 years old: $650

Dogs 1 years - 7 years old: $550

Dogs 8 years old and up: $350

As we are a 501(c)3 organiztion, your adoption fee is considered a charitable donation and is tax deductible. PLEASE CHECK IF YOUR EMPLOYER WILL "MATCH" YOUR CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION IN WHOLE OR IN PART.


*Adoption fees may vary due to medical costs and transportation fees.

Why is the adoption fee so high?


Our rescue accepts many ill dogs, older dogs and behaviorally challenged dogs. The cost of rehabilitating these animals is extremely high. Generally speaking, only a fraction of what has been spent on an individual dog is recovered through your adoption fee. We rarely, if ever, break even on any dog who passes through our rescue. All Abandoned Angels dogs are vetted, vaccinated and spayed/neutered and professionally groomed prior to adoption. All of our dogs go home with a new leash and collar.

Wouldn't it be cheaper for me to adopt a dog from a shelter?


Not always. Generally speaking, shelters do not fully vet the animals who pass through their doors. You will more likely than not find yourself bringing home a dog who needs medical care, the cost of which will exceed our adoption fee. Most of our dogs are former shelter animals who were also made available for adoption to the public.

I live very far away. Can you ship the dog to me?


We do not ship our dogs. Anyone who wishes to adopt one of our dogs must complete an application and visit the dog in person. We must have the opportunity to meet you and to assess how the dog interacts with you and how you interact with the dog. We do adopt to out-of-state families (NY, NJ, CT, PA, RI, MA, VT, NH, DE, MD, VA) and can sometimes transport a dog part of the way, but reserve the right to apply a $100.00 transport fee (in addition to the adoption fee). 

Is the dog housebroken?


Please do not request a housebroken dog. Unless the dog’s petfinder bio specifically states that the dog is housebroken, assume that the dog is not. Rescued dogs almost always need help with housebreaking. By the time they have passed through a shelter environment or any other form of kenneling experience, most dogs need to be re-trained, even if they have been housebroken previously (crate-training being the method we prefer). However, the ultimate responsibility for housebreaking your new pet must lie with you. We can highly recommend a short book on housebreaking, which is available in paperback and is an easy (and quite entertaining) read: “How To Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days” by Shirlee Kalstone which is available on-line through Barnes and Noble.

Does the dog come with a crate?


Your adopted pet will not come with a crate. We highly recommend that all adopters invest in a crate for their new pet (we prefer wire-type crates that collapse for ease of transport; plastic crates - often referred to as “varikennels” - are cheaper but air circulation in a plastic crate is not the best, nor can the pet see 360 degrees around, which makes some dogs anxious). If you wish to foster one of our dogs, we would request that you purchase a crate for the dog’s use.

Can you guarantee that the dog is healthy and that it has a good temperament?


In the world of rescue, there are no guarantees. All of our dogs are seen by a vet upon coming into rescue and any known health issues are treated. If the dog has an ongoing health issue of which we are aware, we will disclose it at the time of adoption.  Any known temperament issues will also be disclosed. We will only place a dog in a home with young children if we believe the dog to be “kid friendly.” However, our dogs do not come with resumes. Most of the dogs we rescue are shelter animals whose backgrounds are unknown. Even a “kid friendly” dog should not be left unattended with children, especially during the first few weeks after coming home.

My dog started to cough shortly after coming home. What should I do?


Call us immediately! Many of our dogs have only recently been pulled from the shelter system. While all of our dogs are seen by a vet before being adopted out and fully vaccinated, the dog may nevertheless have been exposed to “kennel cough,” which has an incubation period of 7-10 days. If your dog begins to cough or snort, it is important to isolate the animal from any other dogs in your home and to start the dog on antibiotic treatment right away. We will often send the dog home with antibiotics in any event. If your dog shows symptoms of kennel cough and you are concerned, you are welcome to bring your dog back for an examination and any necessary treatment by our vet at no cost to you. In rare cases, a dog suffering from kennel cough may require hospitalization in order to receive fluids and antibiotics intravenously. If you decide to take the dog to your own vet, any costs you incur will not be reimbursed. We have negotiated a special rescue discount through our vet that is based on volume.

Is the adoption fee refundable?


As a rule, no. However, we are a 501(c)(3) corporation and the adoption fee (which is considered a charitable donation) is tax deductible. Depending on the circumstances, we may make a full or partial refund, but the final decision lies with our Treasurer.

If the adoption has not worked out, can I exchange for another dog?


Where an adoption has not worked out despite an adopter’s diligent efforts, we are generally quite willing to allow the adopter to try with another dog. However, if we have reservations about an adopter’s suitability to care for a rescued pet after an initial placement, we will not place another dog in that person’s care.

If I no longer want the dog, will you take it back?


Always, irrespective of the lapse of time. However, if you are not certain that you want to make a lifetime commitment to an animal with all that commitment entails, you are probably not ready to adopt.

Do you have a minimum age requirement or a maximum age cut-off point for applicants?


Technically, no.  However, in practice we find that applicants under 25 years of age are often not suited to adopt because their lives are too unsettled (e.g. we are rarely comfortable adopting a dog out to a “roommate” situation). Similarly, in the case of a very elderly applicant, we will want to be reassured that the applicant’s family is prepared to take over care of the dog in the event of the applicant’s death.

What happens now?


If you would like to apply to adopt a specific dog you have seen on-line or to have us identify one or more dogs who would be suitable for your family, please complete and submit the online application. You may also choose to print the application and submit it via email or by fax (718-709-7765). We will generally respond within a few days.

Once I have been offered an appointment to meet the dog, does that mean that the dog is “on hold” for me?


Unless we expressly undertake to do so, the dog is not “on hold” for you. We will generally hold a dog for up to 24 hours, but if you cannot arrange to meet the dog within that period, the dog may be adopted out to another applicant. We must proceed on this basis as the vast majority of those dogs who are ready for adoption are in paid boarding. This is extremely costly for us. If you have been offered an appointment to meet a specific dog and the dog is no longer available, we will inform you that the dog has been adopted and suggest other candidates who might be suitable for your family based on the information in your application.

How soon can I take the dog home after meeting him or her?


Assuming that we are comfortable with how you interact with the dog and with how the dog interacts with you, you will be able to take the dog home the same day. However, if we feel the interaction is questionable for any reason, we will not adopt the dog out, even if the applicant wishes to take the dog home. Assuming that both we and you agree that the dog is a good match, you should be prepared to take the dog home the same day. We are unable to hold dogs due to space constraints and cannot guarantee that the dog will be available if you are unable to take the dog home with you right away.

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