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Many of you have inquired about our fostering program and we thank you! We realize that fostering is a bit difficult to understand so we've put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn all about one of the most important aspects of our rescue.

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What does it mean to “foster” a dog?


We’re so glad you asked! To foster a dog is to offer a homeless dog a temporary place to live until a forever home is found. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do for a dog. Since we do not have an actual facility to hold our dogs, we often have nowhere to put them after they have been taken from the shelter and vetted, so we are always looking for good foster homes and they are extremely valuable to our rescue. Some foster opportunities are short term while others last longer. Keep in mind that senior dogs are much harder to adopt than puppies, so seniors often need long term fostering.

Who can foster a dog?


Anybody who meets our requirements to provide a safe, healthy, and loving home is eligible to foster. Like adoption applicants, we may do a home check to survey the environment and deem it safe for the foster dog. Individuals interested in fostering may fill out an application to foster on our website.

How does fostering work exactly?


It’s quite simple actually. We pay for medical treatment and medication and you provide your foster dog with shelter, food, water, exercise, grooming, and TLC. Your foster dog will also need a bowl, some basic training, and maybe some toys to play with. If for some reason your dog becomes ill, you would need to contact us to make arrangements to either transport him back to our rescue for vetting, or to be treated elsewhere. To apply, simply fill out a fostering application and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment.

Which dogs are available to foster?


Our dogs change weekly, sometimes even daily! To see dogs available for fostering, you may visit our Dogs for Adoption page or follow us on Facebook for updates about our latest rescues. It’s a good idea to fill out an application as early as possible so we can get the best match for your household.

What if I have another dog or a cat?


This is definitely something we would take into consideration when placing a foster dog in your household. Some of our rescues like to be “King of the Castle,” so we will make sure you receive a foster dog that gets along with your specific type of pet(s).

I have a young child. Can I still foster a dog?


Yes! But again, please keep in mind that not all of our rescued dogs are well suited for homes with young children. We evaluate our dogs before placing them, so please be patient with us because we need to make sure your foster dog is a good fit for your household.

What type of foster dog will I get?


Again, our dogs change weekly, sometimes even daily! Rescued dogs come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Some are housetrained, but most are not. Your foster dog might be an owner surrender, a puppy mill rescue, or a stray that was pulled from a local shelter. Some of our rescues have severe medical problems and require medication daily, while others may have temperament issues. More importantly, most of our rescued dogs have had very difficult lives and just want love and affection.

How can I find a permanent home for my foster dog?


Take lots of photographs and help spread the word! We encourage our foster families to email us recent photographs of their foster dog’s progress or post them on our Facebook wall for all of our followers to see and share. Some of our foster families have even written blog posts about their dogs to help get the word out.

Help, I still don’t understand this “Foster a dog” business!


We are always here to help! Simply email with your questions and we will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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